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As an on-board courier to Africa

4.00 p.m.:
Our customer, a cargo ship company, is calling. One of their ships is stranded in Dakar harbour and a spare part is urgently needed. However, the small motor with a weight of 52 kg, is still in the Netherlands.
4.45 p.m.:
The collection in Netherlands is organized.
5.20 pm:
CTS is taking over the motor at the dispatcher in Amsterdam and is transporting it as quickly as possible to Munich Airport.
06.00 am:
A matter to be dealt by the management: As on-board courier, Mr. Thilo Herr is heading with the freight from Munich Airport to Dakar. The flight is smoothly and without delay. Mr. Herr informs the customer on theimportant details by SMS.
5.10 p.m.:
Arrival in Dakar. Together with an employee of the shipping company the on-board courier Mr. Herr does the import clearance of the goods.

06.45 p.m.:

Punctual delivery of the small motor.
The on-board courier Mr. Herr informs his customer by telephone about the smooth course. The customer audibly relieved as each day the cargo ship cannot leave the harbour amounts to 10.000 US-$ harbour dues.


Overnight Express

06.35 p.m.:

Our customer, a hospital in Halle, is calling on our service number +49-1805-943 943. An express parcel with lab samples, cooled with dry ice, is to be forwarded to Munich. It has to be there until 8.00 a.m. on the next day.

7.15 p.m.:

The CTS courier is collecting the parcel on side and is forwarding it to our partner depot in Halle / Saale.

09.20 p.m.:
The parcel is loaded on our liner.
09.40 p.m.:
The liner is now on the way to our main trade centre in Kassel.
01.20 a.m.:

Arrival of the parcel in the main trade centre in Kassel.

01.45 a.m.:

The arrival and departure of the parcel is scanned and it is loaded on our liner to Munich.
02.23 a.m.:

Our liner is now on the way to Munich with the parcel.

06.38 a.m.

Arrival of the parcel in our depot Munich. The parcel is scanned again.
07.04 a.m. :
The parcel is loaded on our delivery car.
07.47 a.m. :
The parcel is received at 07.47 a.m. on the gate of the hospital in Munich.


Direct courier – the fastest way

05.30 p.m.: Our customer is calling. The safety light barrier of an assembly belt for the production of motors is not working. The belt is out of order. A spare light barrier is urgently needed. Every minute the belt is standing still, the company is losing money.
05.50 p.m.: The CTS direct courier is on site with the producer and is taking over the urgently needed spare part.
08.05 p.m.: After a bit more than 2 hours driving time, our courier is delivering directly to the assembly belt of the motor producer and is handing over the spare part to the technicians on site.

08.28 p.m.:

After a few steps the new safety light barrier was installed and the production line is restarted. The higher transport costs for the direct transport are beared gladly in this case, as every minute saves the company several ten thousand EURO production downtime costs.


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