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AOG Service: The term AOG (aircraft on ground) comes from the special air traffic language and means that an airplane cannot take off due to technical reasons and therefore has to stay on ground. Such occurrences mostly result in air traffic delays and also in income losses, as the passengers cannot be transported, which again leads to unsatisfied customers. In such a case, it is absolutely necessary to deliver the needed spare part as quickly as possible to the “stranded” aircraft in order to carry out the repairing. In Logistics this spare part is marked as AOG and is forwarded particularly fast by the transportation staff.

Air Charter: Reliable, safe and extreme flexible transport by air for your goods. Whether box wise with the helicopter from factory to factory or by Jet in a container: We meet your deadlines! This is offered by our special service in cooperation with several airlines.

Escort Service: We accompany children travelling by themselves, severely disabled and older persons in order to give them safety. We take care of all upcoming tasks, starting with check-in, entry and clearance formalities up to the bag service.

Direct Courier: When the transport is to be carried out directly and without changing means of transportation. We us the right vehicle for your individual needs – without making stops along the way. We offer this service with cars, transporters or trucks.

Document Courier: For confidential files, documents and contracts, we offer a service that assure a special safety.

LHO-Transport (Living Human Organ): When transporting human organ, every second counts. For instance, a heart can “survive” maximum 6 hours when cooled. We bear the transport of human organ between hospitals at any time of the day or night: safe, fast and experienced. We transport heart valves, kidneys, livers or other organs, which belong to the so-called “Living Human Organs”, as quickly as possible. Either through direct transports on the road, air charter or immediate loading into the cockpit of every airline with which international agreements exist.

On-Board Courier: In case your shipment needs a “bodyguard”! Our internationally experienced on-board couriers guarantee the maximum possible safety. They personally accompany your shipment until reaching the addressee safely. It does not matter if it is about urgently needed medicaments, documents or spare parts for ships and planes.

Emergency Logistic: When every second counts: A shutdown of a production or a defect industrial robot! The urgently needed spare part is missing. In such an emergency we offer tailor-made logistic solutions.

Night Courier: When a shipment cannot wait until the next day.

Overnight: „Overnight courier shipments will be collected until a given time possible for this type of dispatch and will be handed over to the addressee according to designated date option. Possible times: 8.00 a.m., 9:00 a.m., 10.00 a.m. and 12.00.- According to the region, late collections are possible until 11.00 p.m!

Special Service: We have specially trained employees concentrating on exceptionally urgent cases only. Our special service team is educated for the following courier services: Air Charter, AOG services (aircraft on ground), LHO transports (living human organ), emergency logistics, documents courier, escort service, direct courier, same-day delivery, on-board courier service or our night courier!

Same Day Delivery Service: Collection and delivery on the same day – fast and individual. We carefully listen to your wishes and guarantee a tailor-made solution. This is a national and international service in many countries.

Worldwide Express: We offer this service within Europe and in more than 190 countries of the world. The individual transport times depend on the destination country and the customs regulations there.

As an on board courier to Africa

Thilo Herr: “Our customers are often pretty worked up when they call us! Understandable really when you consider the huge loss of money when a cargo ship is tied up damaged in dock and an urgent spare part is required".    read more...


Overnight Express

An expedite package with laboratory samples, packed in dry ice has to be sent to Munich. It has to arrive by 8:00am the next day.  read more...


Direct Courier, the fastest way

A safety light barrier on an engine production line is broken. The line is down! A replacement light barrier is urgently required. The company is losing money every minute the line remains out of operation.   read more...

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